It starts with a common problem

The file you needed five minutes ago is impossible to find because of multiple users, on multiple computers and devices creating multiple versions of thousands and even millions of files. None of which were named or sorted as accurately as you would have liked.

One single source of truthThe solution: One single source of truth

Uploading your file to a DAM solution creates a single source of truth. Now everyone in your team, in head office, your suppliers and clients around the world are all using the same file and the latest version. While still maintaining strict privilege rights so only those who need the file have access.

Metadata birds

Metadata makes searching more effective

Metadata is the information that helps describe your file. A DAM solution keeps an accurate and complex series of metadata for every file to increase the accuracy and speed at which a file can be found. Only when a file is conveniently accessible does it become an asset that is of true value to your organization. 

Mobile Access

Automatically convert derivatives on demand

With the explosion of rich media online, chances are your file will be required as alternative formats to the original. A DAM solution saves time and minimises error by automatically creating ‘derivatives’ on demand from the original source. Now everyone has exactly what they need when they need it, no excuses.

Shelft life

Controlling an assets shelf life

As an asset ages it may be necessary to put it out to pasture. A DAM solution is the most effective way of ensuring an antiquated file is taken out of circulation. By removing access rights you can instantly ensure that only the latest version of an asset is being used around the world.