Digital Asset Managements are not so much a ‘solution’ as a ‘calling’, or at least that is the way our teams see it. We are Media Equation (‘me’ for short) and all we do (and have done for the last decade) is deliver what many people believe is ‘the best Digital Asset Management solution in the world’.

What makes us so confident

We don’t make this statement lightly. We agree with most of our clients. We have worked tirelessly for more than a decade to deliver the worlds most advanced and ‘people friendly’ Digital Asset Management solutions…and we’re not finished yet. We have exciting things planned for the next couple of years, that will revolutionize Digital Asset Management and our clients will be the first in line to take advantage of these exciting new innovations…but that’s tomorrow. Today we’re focused on helping our clients roll out their own intuitive and robust Digital Asset Management solutions. Today, around the globe more than 120 major cultural institutes, corporations and government organizations (and countless smaller organizations) are liberating their digital assets, thanks to Lookatme™.

Think global, act local

Lookatme™ has a global network, to provide clients with local support and knowledge in areas such as security, language and technology. Although many consider our Digital Asset management solution to be the global benchmark, our focus will always remain local, on the needs of each individual client. That’s why we have developed a range of modular features and API’s to allow our clients to tailor their Digital Asset Management solution to suit their specific needs. We also provide the resources to empower our clients further, with bespoke development and (if required) onsite training.

The proof of the pudding

As they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating.’ With over 5,000,000 transactions worldwide, our international help desk issues equate to a tiny fraction of one per cent. These statistics are evidence of the robust nature of a Digital Asset Management solution, more than a decade in the making and loved by digital asset managers the world over.

Digital Asset Management is our calling

We only deliver Digital Asset management solutions. We don’t make file management solutions. We don’t make accounting solutions. We don’t make intranets. We understand the potential of Digital Asset Management solutions and we’re on an almost ‘spiritual’ journey to show the world what’s possible. 10 years on from the launch of our first Digital Asset Management solution, we are much closer to our destination…but the best is yet to come.