If it’s hard to find it’s not an asset

Do you have more than a 1,000 images and videos? How do you manage them? Are you archiving these digital assets or are you putting them to good use? The right Digital Asset Management solution will help you store, find, update and manage who, when and how your digital assets are used.

How does it work?

It starts with a common problem

The file you needed five minutes ago is impossible to find.
It’s because you’re looking for a needle in a digital haystack.
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Are you storing your digital assets on multiple computers and multiple devices?
Do you have a strategy to protect your digital assets from cyber attack?
Do you have more than a 1,000 images and videos that you are responsible for?
Are you responsible for brand integrity?
Are you a cultural institute with a library of digital images and videos?
Are you looking for ways to commercialize your photo and video libraries?
Do you run an agency or post-production facility?

If you answered ‘yes’
to any of these questions 
it may be time to implement
a Digital Asset Management
solution or update your
existing DAM solution.

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Our Solutions

Lookatme™ Collect is the ‘Digital Asset Management solution of choice’ for the cultural sector. Lookatme™ Collect is used to manage millions of world’s most significant cultural and heritage digital assets.

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Lookatme™ Brand is a Digital Asset Management solution for corporations, governments and anyone wanting to control the use and security of digital brand assets.

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Lookatme™ Sell is a Digital Asset Management solution with an e-commerce portal. Lookatme™ Sell is the ultimate scalable solutions for anyone looking to commercialize digital assets such as photography or video.